in Business - 06 Feb, 2018
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Phuket Football Fans Welcome FIFA World Cup Trophy

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Football fans in Phuket are expected to be in full force to catch a personal glimpse of FIFA World Cup trophy. The iconic solid gold trophy was brought to Phuket by former French national player Christian Karembeu. A welcome ceremony was held at the Phuket airport. Karembeu was playing for the Les Bleus that won the cup in 1998 when France was the host of the FIFA World Cup. The trophy will be displayed for the Thais to admire at Central Festival Phuket.

Phuket will the only destination in Thailand for the 2018 World Cup Trophy Tour that started in Russia, the tournament host. The World Cup Trophy Tour will travel to 51 countries or 126,000 kilometers before its journey ends in Russia on June 7. Coca Cola is the sponsor of the trophy’s world journey.

According to Coca Cola, the company brought the FIFA World Cup trophy to Phuket so that the Thais and the trophy will enjoy special moments together and so that people can experience the magic and greatness of the trophy.

The world is anticipating the sporting event that will be held in Russia from June 14 to July 15 this year. Football teams from 32 countries will be competing for the trophy. Thai football fans are eagerly waiting for the broadcasts deals to be finalized. However, prospective buyers of rights were discouraged by the regulation from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission that live broadcasts of sporting events like the FIFA World Cup or Olympics must be aired for free on television.

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