in Hotel - 13 Mar, 2019
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Phuket’s Countermeasures To Flooding

The upper region of Phuket is currently preparing for the upcoming drought but the city centre is working to beat the timeline with which they have set before the flooding sets in. It is an inevitable outcome of the rainy season that begins on the month of June. This seasonal flooding happens annually. Tourists who have been to the island and stayed at a family hotel in Phuket might have seen this before but things are changing as the local government is intent on conducting countermeasures to stop the floods.

Phuket is popular among the islands of Thailand because of its beautiful beaches and the marinas with luxury yachts on its docks. It has been dubbed as the Pearl of Andaman but the problem is that when it rains heavily for one continuous hour, flood starts to take over the roads around the city reaching up to the knee level.

The Mayor of the province, Somjai Suwansupana, said that Phuket is only one of the few southern provinces suffering from severe flooding which is taking a toll on its economy. The municipality admits that flooding is the main reason why the province is not able to move forward despite its prosperous economy. Their main goal is to make the city center a hub for startup companies but the plan cannot materialize due to frequent flooding.

The local government is increasing getting worried that flooding might damage the architectural heritage of the city especially the Sino-Portuguese shop houses which is a top destination for tourists and a magnet for startups.

In 2015, the Department of Public Works and Planning has allotted a budget worth 517 million to upgrade the flood protection facilities. It was supposed to be completed on May 2019 but to this day, the project is only 26 per cent complete. The city is planning to extend its deadline to make sure that the infrastructure is built properly.

Tourists planning to visit the city and stay at family hotel in Phuket will no longer have to worry about flooding because they are planning to answer the problems pertaining to the pumping stations, drainage canals and drainage pipes.