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Plumbing Tips For Families Who Are Planning For A Summer Vacation

It is very easy to call for plumbing services in Newcastle but homeowners only think of plumbers whenever there is a plumbing emergency like burst pipes or clogged drains. Plumbing emergencies can be avoided if homeowners are more aware of proactive plumbing maintenance. Burst pipes can cost thousands of dollars on water damages but it can be prevented if the pipes are insulated.

The winter season is over and families are excitedly planning for a vacation during the summer break. Families are now more focused on travel destinations and they forget about the home. Hart’s Services, a plumbing company in Tacoma is sharing some tips for families who will be going a summer vacation.

Before leaving, it is important to take a few precautions so that you will not be welcomed by a plumbing disaster when your return. The last thing that a family wants after days of relaxing on the beach or hiking up mountains is a home that has been damaged by water.

Hart suggests to homeowners to turn off the main water valve before they leave for vacation. One of the most damaging issues that can happen while a family is away from home is leaking pipes. A significant leak when left unattended for days can create a massive damage to a home. Pipes can burst during summer because wear and tear makes them vulnerable. Worn out pipes can burst because they cannot handle water pressure.

Homeowners must clean and flush the garbage disposal before they go on vacation to clear excess residue and prevent unpleasant odours when you return home. Turn the garbage disposal on, run warm water and then pour a half cup of vinegar. Citrus juice and peels can be added for a nice fresh smell.

Use the heating system’s vacation mode setting to cut down on energy usage; otherwise, the water heater will continue to maintain hot water inside the unit.

Proactive plumbing solutions are offered by plumbing services in Newcastle so that homeowners can avoid water damages. The sooner the plumbing issues are addressed, the faster that they will be fixed for good. Your plumbing and heating systems are guaranteed safe in the hands of professional plumbers.