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Plunket Clinic Forced To Evacuate Clinic Because Of Black Mould

In the latest news regarding a Plunket clinic developing black mould, the country of Australia has once more emphasized the importance of sub floor ventilation in Sydney to avoid unfortunate things such as this from happening. The Plunket clinic is currently operating in a bus because of the black mould that has infiltrated the building owned by the town council.

The clinic’s building is the Pukekohe community centre and it has been their headquarters for a number of years. Recently though, the building has been referred by Auckland Council as a challenging establishment because of the discovery of mould that is forming inside the walls especially in the winter season.

Plunked is known to offer support to around 90 per cent of the new born babies delivered in New Zealand annually. The issue was first voiced out by the clinic to the council officials in August of last year.

After their request, the council ordered for the cleaning of the building as well as conducting some tests through the help of a specialist company in microbiology.

Despite their previous efforts, the problem continues and this is the reason why the nurses are now operating through a temporary mobile unit since the beginning of last month.

Linda Biddle, the operations manager of Plunket in the northern region said that it is their priority to secure the safety and health of the working staff as well as those families the Plunket clinic is working in harmony with.

She also clarified that there is no disruption in services despite the change of location.

The two parties have already negotiated a long-term solution. The council said that they are planning to eliminate all the carpets in the rooms that are most affected. They are going to sand the timber floor and apply sealant. Repainting of the room will then commence.

A funding will also be provided by the organization in order for the Plunket clinic to have an under floor ventilation system to be installed by a contractor. Businesses and organizations in Australia that have heard the news said that this incident has further emphasized the importance of sub floor ventilation in Sydney to avoid unnecessary cost and inconvenience.