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Points To Discuss With The Sydney Wedding Planner

Weddings can be one of the most memorable events in one’s life but they can also be costly and stressful to prepare. There are several things to prepare, so many things to keep in mind and decide on and if you would all of these on your own, you might not have the energy on your wedding day. Good thing you can hire a Sydney wedding planner who will assist you all throughout and will make things a whole lot easier for you. To have a better and more effective professional relationship with the wedding planner, it would be best to be straightforward and honest with your expectations for both of you to have a better understanding. Here are some of the important things you need to discuss with the planner.

Your wedding budget

One of the important details that you have to share with your wedding planner is your wedding budget. This will make it easier for the wedding coordinator to effectively and efficiently design your event based on your budget. This will also save his time since he would no longer contact suppliers and service providers that are already beyond your budget. Hire a Sydney wedding planner who has more network and contacts for you to be offered with more options.

The number of invited guests   

Another important aspect to discuss is the number of your target guests. This is an important detail because it involves the number of food and drinks to order and prepare. It will also involve the number of wedding favours to order, the tables and chairs to rent, the size of the wedding venue and other related aspects.

Wedding date

The date of your wedding is another important detail that you need to provide to the planner. Some wedding coordinators are highly in demand especially during wedding season and it is important to book their service right away so they can plot their schedule. Aside from that, the Sydney wedding planner also has to place booking reservations at the church, wedding reception, hotel, catering services, wedding car and other needs. Booking ahead is important to ensure that you will have your dream wedding according to your plans.