in Education - 29 Oct, 2019
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Preschool Children Must Not Be Labeled As Pass Or Fail

It is normal for children to be curious and interested in discovering new things. Quality early education provided by Anaheim Preschool maximizes the opportunities for children to discover new things, new friends and new experiences. However, quality preschool balances curiosity with the ability to work independently, follow directions and participate in group tasks.

According to National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT), children in preschool must not be given oral or written exams because it is an undesirable and harmful practice that can lead to misguided aspirations among parents. NCERT further said that the purpose of evaluation during the preschool stage must not be to label the child as “pass” or “fail.”

In India, preschool programs range from the monotonous and dull routines to those that expose children to structured formal learning. In some programs, children are required to do test and home works while denying them the right to play. This is an undesirable and harmful practice.

NCERT has made a list on the do’s and don’ts on carrying out assessments and reporting to serve as guidelines for preschool education. If a child’s progress has to be assessed, it must be on a continuous basis using different tools and techniques like anecdotal records, checklists, portfolios and interactions with other kids.

Teachers can make brief written notes based on their observation of the child’s social relationships, use of language, mode of interaction, health and nutrition habits and how and where they spend their time. The notes must be available to parents but should remain in the preschool until the child’s transition to another preschool program or primary school.

Parents must always be aware of their child’s progress by providing them with written and verbal summaries of their child twice a year. Records of progress must always be maintained by the preschool but in coordination with parents.

Children are constantly supervised by their parents and when they enter kindergarten, they tend to suffer from separation anxiety. The goal of Anaheim Preschool is to ensure that children are well prepared for the classroom environment. The learning process starts at preschool where children are exposed to letters, numbers and information including opportunities to interact with their teachers and other children.