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Preserve Quite Space By Avoiding These Home Improvements

Many home owners who does not wish to move to a new house or demolish the old one and build something new would mostly opt for the chance to renovate their properties. This is done for many good reasons and number one is the homeowner’s comfort and quality of living inside the house. One will be able to relax and enjoy more with family and friends if the house gives off a good ambiance. Another reason is that home improvements are a huge investment despite the fact that there is some downtime in the real estate market. Many still believed that renovation is the number one method of increasing the resale value as well as the appeal of a property.

Though change is deemed to be a good thing, there are also changes with negative impacts – the same goes in home improvements. There are some renovations that might disturb the quite inside the house that you used to love. Here are some examples and how to avoid them.

Renovations done with drywall might be a convenient option since it is easier to put up and more affordable compared to building new walls but there are downsides as well. The material used for the drywall is not good in absorbing sound which will easily allow outside noise to permeate inside the house and vice versa. In order to counter this, the wall construction must include an insulation made of fiberglass batt which is also effective in saving energy as it helps regulates that temperature inside the house. Another option is to add layers of drywall that are resistant to sound.

Some homeowners are thinking of getting rid of the popcorn ceilings that comes with the house without the knowledge that it was built in the first place to make the room more sound proof. Removing the popcorn ceiling will create echo with the sound emitted inside the room. It is better to cover it with ceiling tiles to achieve that modern look.

Many of the home improvements in Perth involve an open floor plan which is the trend nowadays. Though it may be the modern look, noise will spread easily with this type of floor plan. For homeowners who are determined with the renovation, make sure to use draperies with sound absorbing qualities as well as soft furniture inside the room.