in Home Improvement - 12 Jun, 2017
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Quirky Furniture: Not Everyone Is Impressed

A lot of businesses want to be viewed by the public as a fun place to work in. In order to achieve this, some are now integrating the use of quirky furniture in their offices. These would include the likes of hammocks, ping pong, and table football. But a recent study conducted by the storage and removals firm, Kiwi Movers, indicates that not everyone is impressed by these. According to their research, about one fourth of their staff find these things annoying while only 14 percent are said that they liked them.

Maybe businesses are better off investing their money in good reliable office furniture in New Zealand? According to Cary Cooper, a Manchester University professor who was involved in this research, a business does not necessarily need ball pits, barbecue stations, and beanbag in order for them to have a happy workplace. He also observed that businesses are trying hard to have this image as a fun and happy place to work in that they are now making the mistake of making their office look like a circus instead of a business place.

If it is true that employees find the quirky furniture annoying, will they be happier if their employer look for business-looking office furniture in New Zealand instead? The answer could be more complex than simple furniture.

The study reports that while business owners often attribute workplace contentment with aesthetics, this is not always the case. About three quarters of those involved in the study said that they would really want to have some sort of privacy at work. They would also want to be given quality and comfortable furniture if possible. Extras like free coffee and food arealso very much appreciated.

The study conducted by Kiwi Movers revealed that 79% of the respondents would rather have access to technology that could help them with productivity over office aesthetics. Professor Cary Cooper strongly believes that businesses had it wrong when they were focusing on office accessories instead of things that give employees tangible benefits.

Nevertheless, it’s a business after all and it always pays off to present your office as a business place. Instead of the quirky furniture, businesses should start investing in quality, comfortable office furniture. You can easily shop for office furniture in New Zealand online these days.