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Racing Fans And Honda Bike Enthusiasts To See Wild Card Entry Troy Alberto At 2018 CEV Moto3

Troy Alberto from the Philippines was brought in by Team 3570 MTA Italia as its wild card entry at the 2018 Repsol CEV Moto3 Junior World Championship in Spain at the end of the month. He is currently competing at the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup where he recently landed the 10th place. This caught the attention of MTA Italia. The Italian team has since started working on the details so that Alberto could be included in the European Talent Cup. He is determined to compete despite his tall frame, which is seen by others as a hindrance in podium finishes.


How is it different?


While both the Asia Talent Cup and the CEV Moto3 feature competitors riding their own Honda bike, a Honda NSF250R race bike to be exact, the big difference is the number of competitors in each contest. The ATC has 22 riders in total, while the CEV Moto3 will have about 34.




Racing fans and Honda bike enthusiasts have also seen Troy Alberto’s talents at the Honda Thai Talent Cup just last April where he finished two races in the 4th place.


His race at the Idemitsu Asian Talen Cup was a huge move for his career, as his participation came in after a series of try-outs in August last year. It has been a long dream of both Troy’s family and Daiki Mihara, Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI) president, to see a Filipino racing at the MotoGP. Troy Alberto underwent training with the help of HPI to prepare for the ATC.


This wasn’t the first time that the HPI supported local racers to international competitions either. In 2017, Koko Masaharu Tadachi was also supported by the HPI to join the Shell Advance Talent Cup. Tadachi is an ace racer from Tanay, Rizal.


Runs in the Family

Last year, Troy won the championship for the Novice and Intermediate Class at the Philippine Super bike Championship. In his interview at the said event, he said that his inspiration is his father. Toti Alberto, who is a superbike racer as well. TJ, his 20-year-old brother, is also set to race at the Philippine Super bike Championship as well as the Italian Super bike Championship, both taking place this year.