in News - 06 Jun, 2019
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Recycling Costs Increases Due To Improper Handling

According to officials from Orange County, the current recycling program is getting more expensive which is weighing down on the taxpayers. One of the major reasons why the costs continue to rise is improper recycling rather than low participation. There are those that hire junk removal Orange County if they are not sure how to handle their wastes but those under the county’s recycling program are also having a hard time.

Waste managers have devoted two months of their time observing Park Manor in order to check the trash by the residents there. The pilot project follows a tagging guideline to mark those who are recycling properly from those who are not.

The results of the program has been published and it revealed that majority of homeowners are responsible when it comes to putting their recycling can for pickup but the problem is that there are non-recyclables mixed in.

County officials revealed that majority of them are placing their recyclables inside plastic bags. When waste collectors find even a few of plastic bags inside a can, they automatically reject the load and the wastes go to the landfill instead along with the general wastes.

Angel Sanchez, a resident, said that they are quite disappointed because they wanted to recycle. They make sure to follow the rules but there are those who do not listen and the end result is that all of their efforts are gone to waste.

Waste managers from the county said that when recycling materials are contaminated, they have to pay more. This is not good because even the county needs to cover for the cost. Many years ago, the county is earning from recycling and now they are even paying. During the duration of the pilot program, the data they have collected showed that there is twice as many households participating in recycling.

For this year, they are going to conduct more studies. It is recommended that residents hire junk removal Orange County if they plan to dispose bulk items which they are not sure can be recycled. This is to avoid adding more wastes to the landfill which should have been recycled in the first place.