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Rhenus Lupprians : Facts And Information

The logistics industry plays an essential role in any business type. It controls the storage and flow of goods in and out of one’s business. Logistics management is committed to satisfying the demands of customers as well as creates visibility in the supply chain of the company.

In today’s business world, people have a wide range of choices for a logistics company. Among the popular logistics solutions is Rhenus Lupprians which was established more than 35 years past. Over the years, it has constantly invested resources and time to enhance its logistics solutions which make it the leading logistics company in the UK.

In 2013, Rhenus SE and Co. KG acquired Rhenus Lupprians. The company has developed and grown to provide better logistics solutions and services to its clients.

Today, the company is already a global business having over 610 locations around the world with more than 29,000 employees. The organization has abided to its mission and vision to its clients despite its rapid growth and strength in the logistics industry.

Rhenus supports the logistics of your business

The company continues to innovate its services to its clients and manages supply chains. Its business focuses on areas of:

  • Contract Logistics
  • Port Logistics
  • Freight Logistics
  • Public Transport

Rhenus is able to build a systematic logistical distribution system in the fields of Healthcare, Telecommunication, Printing, High Tech, Banking, Retail, Rail, and Power. Moreover, the company has the handling equipment to support their skilled engineers and technicians to safely deliver the goods and services of its clients.

Rhenus is an environment-friendly company concerned about the well-being of planet earth. The company has an environmental commitment that focuses to be carbon neutral in 2020. It also supports the ecological project and participates in the national and local events of the community. It supports to create a cleaner environment for the benefit of future generations and gives back to its community as part of the company’s mission.

The company firmly believes in lasting relationships and partnerships with its clients and invests for the success of its clients’ businesses.

It is the goal of the company to keep updated with the rapid changes in technology so it can provide better and modern logistics solutions to its clients.