in Business - 17 Jun, 2019
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Score Review System By The AFL Is At It Again

Fans are ecstatic about the new AFL official merchandise but the same cannot be said with the score review system used by the league. During the latest game by the AFL, not one but two disasters happened after the score review acted up again. This resulted to heavy criticism coming from the viewers.

According to the league, the first disaster was caused by a technical issue and they tried to cover up the second one with the same excuse but later on explained that they are going to investigate the matter and talk with the host broadcaster regarding the footage issues.

After just a week of the incident, another disaster happened. This time, the AFL has no one to blame the glitch to but the league itself.

Jack Higgins, the Richmond livewire, performed a snap in order to make a goal and this was directed to the management upstairs to be under review since the original call of the goal umpire is different and it was decided to be a behind.

During the broadcast, different angles of the move were shown and it seemed to be the same as the decision made by the umpire. Just after the call was made, a new angle was then shown. It was a slap on the face for the AFL after the footage revealed that the ball crossed the line by the goal and that a score should have been awarded to Richmond.

Many were shocked when the AFL decided to go with the original call of the umpire. Fans rallied behind their team and a number of players could not believe the final decision. Now fans are asking why they have to show the final footage right after a call was made and not before. This left many viewers disappointed and confused because Richmond clearly scored a goal.

Matthew Richardson, the legend under Richmond, said that the goal review system by the AFL is an embarrassing one. Many fans are not happy they might skip AFL official merchandise this year just to spite the management in order for them to do something about this system.