in Business - 04 Oct, 2019
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Seat Covers As Protections When The Passengers Are Kids And Dogs

Most family cars use car seat covers as protection against spills. There are many instances when children cannot be prevented from bringing their beverages inside the car. Instead of drowning the car interiors in plastic, a better option is to choose seat covers that can address the problems of spills, dirty clothes and damp dogs.

One of the first things to consider is the actual seat that has to be protected. If it is only the driver’s seat and that of the passenger, a good option will be the single protective cover or a pair so that you can use one while stashing the other in the boot.

Fabric seat covers are popular among car owners because they can absorb almost anything from spilled drinks to urine and vomit but are they waterproof for easy cleanup? A better option is a protective cover that can be wiped down and with a protective backing that won’t be damaged.

Another thing to consider is whether the seat cover is going to come off and on or will it stay permanently to cover the car seats. Elasticized seat covers or those with headrest straps that can be removed and fitted easily while those that have pin fastenings are somehow trickier to maneuver.

It is also important to remember that rear seat covers must have the required number of holes to fix seat belts particularly if 3 kids will ride in the back. If the family often travels with the pet dog, a good option is superior tear-proof fabric with strong stitching. Clips must be easy to adjust around the front and rear headrests.

There are machine-washable fabrics that can block the space behind the front seats or draped over the foot well in the back to serve as protection from muddy paws during entry and exit.

The car interior will always be in better shape when seat covers are used for protection. The seat covers must always be in place particularly during moments when children will just hop in the passenger seat with dirty shoes and clothes. The seat cover does not necessarily have fancy styling; just durable enough to cope up with mess.