in Crime - 22 May, 2019
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Service Standards Given To Victims Of Crime In Melbourne

It is not easy to be a victim of crime considering the emotional, physical, and metal tortures you experience because of the incident. Many victims suffer anguish after the incident sinks  in themselves which needs to be addressed.

All innocent victims of crime in Melbourne need to be treated with respect, courtesy and dignity by every officer and support agencies of the government not only to empathize with their situation but more so because they deserve to be given the best service standards being citizens of a nation.

Victim’s Charter Act 2006

This law in Melbourne, Victoria emphasizes how should the justice system and support services treat all victims of crime in Melbourne, as follows:

  1. Victims of crime must be regarded with respect, dignity, and courtesy by the police, victim services used, prosecutors, and everyone handling the case.
  2. The police must inform you about the status of the case, however, not all details may be given if they can influence the investigation.
  3. The police must inform you about your rights, benefits, and the available services you can use and guide you in using them.
  4. The police must tell you if someone is already charged with the offense and the things that will be done in court.
  5. When the accused gets bail, the police must inform you about it and tell you what they are doing for your safety.
  6. The prosecutor must let you know how the proceedings work and the things you will do as a witness when needed.
  7. The police authorities must ensure your safety in court.
  8. You can state your feelings in court if the offender is found liable of the crime.
  9. The police authorities and the victim services you use must keep your identity confidential.
  10. If your property is used as evidence during the investigation, the police must ensure its safety and return the property to your care in order.
  11. The police must inform you about the compensation that you can avail from the government and the offender.
  12. If the accused person of the crime is imprisoned, you can request the authorities to inform you when the accused goes out of jail.

The government of any country must give the services due to the victims of crime to compensate for the trouble brought about by the crime. It is the responsibility of the government to give back the taxes these victims are paying through good government benefits and compensation.