in Law - 22 Jul, 2019
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 Sexual Harassment At Work: Proper Training Is The Way To Proper Conduct

In the age of the #Me Too movement, work sexual harassment and assault have become a high-profile concern for companies of any size. Any organization must be able to respond to these cases and plan for ensuring that it never happens again. This is for the protection of the employees and for the organization itself. With the changing sentiment and social mores, training for the appropriate conduct in the workplace should be top priority.

Taking action can be a very complicated process for the employer and the individuals involved and may require the need of a harassment or assault lawyer to help navigate the intricacies of these incidents and allegations. Severe cases are among the most infrequent. It is behavior that straddles the line between the appropriate and the not that is the most common and yet the most complex to process.

One such example of the changing societal perspective on behavior and attitudes is the case of the former vice president of America, Joe Biden. Although no one has come forward to accuse him of something as egregious as sexual assault or harassment, many women he has come in contact with have come forward and stated on record that they have felt uncomfortable around the vice president. These women have felt that physical contact was inappropriate. The former vice president simply responded that society and its views on physical contact has changed yet again.


This example highlights the challenges in this changing world. It is imperative for employers to provide training for their organization to ensure that everyone is able to keep up and those within these work environments are able to recognize boundaries. Training jumpstarts the discussion and makes individuals more self-aware, which is crucial in individuals being able to control or even police themselves in the workplace. The scope of the training should include general policies on conduct that will cover most bases, some specific notes on gender for a more targeted result, and even generational points to avoid miscommunication between the younger and older workers.

The modern workplace has become quite a challenging environment that may even require a harassment or assault lawyer to assist the organizations or the individuals involved. To avoid having to resort to this, organizations must begin awareness and discussion through trainings designed to respond to the challenges.