in Company - 19 Mar, 2020
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Sharjah Municipality Warns Residents Against Illegal Pest Control Companies

In the UAE, authorities are monitoring the activities of unauthorized pest control companies that use banned chemicals diluted with water that causes serious illnesses when inhaled. Illegal pest control companies are mushrooming online including those that offer banned pesticides. If pest control is required, professional exterminators must be called.

Civic bodies in Sharjah and Ajman have warned residents to refrain from buying pesticides online particularly if their safety is not guaranteed. The health and environment department is tracking down unlicensed pest control providers that are circulating flyers and advertisements. Municipalities will also take action against those promoting banned pesticides in social media.

According to Administrative Order No. 19 that was issued by Sharjah municipality in 1994, pest control companies cannot use chemicals that have not been tested and approved by authorities. In their efforts to ensure public safety, the municipality has conducted awareness campaigns. Stickers are placed in residential and commercial buildings to inform people of the banned products.

Awareness campaigns aim to educate people on the different types of pests and how to control them. The municipality will be using modern technologies to improve the health of society. Coordination with pest control companies will ensure that they adhere to terms and conditions of federal laws and other regulations. Pest control providers will be approved after validating their knowledge and experience on safe and effective services.

The municipality is also monitoring all commercial locations to determine whether the pest control companies operating there have been approved by the civic body. Real estate facilities and hotels must only hire approved pest control firms to maintain health and safety standards.

Construction companies and consultants are included in the directive and they have to cooperate with pest control firms to put termite control in place before the construction phase. Use of harmful chemicals must also be reduced.

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