in Jewelry - 23 Nov, 2017
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Shift In Gold Tradition In India

It is a custom in India that special occasions such as marriage, childbirth and religious festivals are celebrated with a gold jewelry as a present. In the northern region of India, it is common to see ornate bridal items while the southern region prefers yellow gold with 22 carat. Change is as inevitable as the rise of online boutique jewelry store in the market. The change is mainly due to the norms in the society that are slowly shifting as well as the bigger roles that women are partaking in the workforce. The price of gold in the country continues to increase and the recent bill regarding luxury items to be added with consumer tax are also contributing factors.

There is a new trend among Indian women as they favor jewelry made from uncommon materials and with contemporary styles especially those that follows the concept of ethnic jewelries. One of the leading maker is Eina Ahluwalia who is a jeweler based in Kolkata.

Ms. Ahluwalia said that several decades ago, it is tradition for men in the family to buy the jewelry for the women but it is different now. The change is greatly evident in the non-gold market wherein majority of women are already in charge of buying their own jewelries. They no longer have to wait for an occasion to receive one but they buy because it satisfies and make them happy.

She also added that many Indians are shying away from the Sass-Bua set up wherein the mother-in-law is controlling the money spent by the daughter in law. Ms. Ahluwalia said that because of these, women earn and spend their own money however, they want. The new generation appreciates self-gratification more than ever.

Ms. Ahluwalia said that she was mentored by Ruudt Peters, a pioneer in conceptual jewelries. She studied with him in the Netherlands back in 2010. She now considers herself as the very first conceptual jeweler in the country.

She is happy that more Indians are embracing jewelries that are different from what the traditional ones look like. She also recognizes that the jewelry market is changed by online boutique jewelry store as buyers have more avenues when it comes to purchasing jewelries.