in Education - 02 Sep, 2017
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Singapore Ministry Of Education Reveals New Online Self-Learning Portal

The Singaporean Ministry of Education, aware of the country heavy patronage of home tutor services and emphasis on education, has recently launched the pilot for a new online learning portal for students, dubbed the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS). The pilot was launched with cooperation from both students and teachers from 62 primary and secondary schools across the country.

The SLS platform is aimed at helping students advance their education forward based on their needs and interests, motivating them to take charge of their learning experience and work with their peers. The platform is available anytime and anywhere, proving any student access to quality learning resources on the internet, which will allow them to learn, review and seek out new topics of interest at their own pace, advancing their education, on top of any additional aid they may have, such as the services of a home tutor or peer study groups.

The new online platform will accomplish this through a number of multimedia learning aids, including videos, audio, animations, simulations and educational games and quizzes. The SLS utilizes resources developed with the aid of the MoE’s industry, external and education partners, in order to provide useful real-life context to the concepts and ideas students pick up in class, lending an air of authenticity to the learning experience.

Teachers can customize the features and resources of the SLS, allowing for varied learning experiences tailored for students. The project hopes to ease the development, implementation and sharing process of curriculum, ideas and syllabi.

The basic functions of the SLS are now available to 62 cooperating schools across the country, with a part of the resources and portal features made available as part of the trial run, with the full launch slated for 2018.

The Singapore MoE will be working with the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) to gather feedback on the SLS from students and teachers, in order to improve on it during the trial run, prior to the full launch.

The full launch is slated to be done in phases, with resources made available to all school levels, from primary, all the way to college.