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Six Factors To Consider While Choosing Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle riders should always invest in high quality riding and protection gear to experience the fun of riding and also protect themselves. Most of the bikers miss this point and waste their money on ill-fitting and cheap riding gear which do not offer sufficient protection.

Bike riders should consider factors like, functionality, fitting and style, while selecting motorcycle clothing and riding gear. It will help them to choose the right kind of gear that suits their requirements.

Here are some factors to keep in mind, while selecting motorcycle clothing and other riding gear.

Size of the clothing

It is recommended to try the clothing and other gear, before you buy them. The riding gear and clothing should fit you correctly. The gear should not restrict your movements while riding. It should have a snug fit and must offer maximum protection, in case of slides and slips. Select the correct length and fit, to ensure that the clothing offers good protection while looking stylish.


The riding gear should be able to provide high impact protection. It should be CE rated and should have good coverage for areas like elbows, shoulders, ankles and back. Try the jackets and pants, and sit in the riding position to ensure that the gear offers maximum protection.

Construction of the gear

The riding gear should have good design and construction. The seams should be triple stitched and should have a good finishing. Check the closures, carefully. Most of the manufacturers use laces, Velcro and zipper closures for riding gear. Pick a closure that suits your style and personality.


The riding gear should be well ventilated. It is very important to choose motorcycle clothing with zippers and vents to feel comfortable and ventilated, while riding a motorcycle.


Visibility is an important aspect for bike riders. Invest in jackets with reflective surfaces as they make you visible to the other motorists and protects you from getting hit.

Water proof

If you ride long distances, invest in a waterproof motorcycle clothing that is functional and stylish. Though it is expensive, this type of riding gear is essential to keep you dry and comfortable during long distance touring.