in Business - 02 Nov, 2019
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Solving The Embarrassing Problem Of Sweat Stains

If you want something invisible underneath your sheer white blouse, your best option is the nude undershirt that is virtually undetectable. When you wear a white undershirt underneath a white blouse, it will reflect light and become quite obvious. Nude undershirts come in different colors to suit the complexion and skin tone.

Many people have to deal with sweat stains which can be very embarrassing and annoying particularly if wearing business or formal clothing. Traditional undershirts can mitigate sweat stains but there are people who sweat a lot and can soak through a standard white t-shirt by lunchtime. There are sweat-proof undershirts that are more expensive than traditional undershirts but they are worth the extra cost for people who sweat more than the average.

If you are driving to working, sweat stains will not be an issue but if you are taking public transportation, your shirt will document the problem for everyone to see. Everyone wants to look professional and stylish at work but there are outfits that are not suitable for outdoors or when someone keeps on changing the setting of the thermostat.

There are performance dress shirts that will reduce the likelihood of sweat stains because the fabric is designed to keep the user cooler. However, it may not be effective for hot summer days. An option is undershirts that have thick pads sewn into the underarm area to stop sweat from passing through and reach the regular clothing.

The brand boasts of Hydro-shield technology that converts seat to vapor to eliminate moisture. Initially, the underarm pads will feel heavy but you can get used to it after a while. The undershirts won’t stop you from sweating; they are only designed to absorb sweat so that there is no evidence of embarrassing moisture on the armpits. The exterior of the underarm pad stays dry to the touch to keep you comfortable all day.

For ladies, a good option is the nude undershirt with high performance gusset that wicks and absorbs moisture away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable all day. Sweat stains will cease to be a problem and its nude color makes it undetectable under most outfits.