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Spider Infestation In A Pest Controller’s Home

Different kinds of insects can enter a home through cracks and crevices on the walls. Of all the insects, spiders are the most feared among homeowners that is why they usually call professional pest control in Sydney to eradicate the arachnids. Most spiders are not dangerous but people want to get rid of them because they do not want to be bitten.

Grant Wood is a pest controller in Northamptomshire. A year ago, he discovered tube web spiders inside his home and decided to capture footage to show how the walls were infested with hundreds of the venomous spiders with glowing green fangs. When Grant first discovered the spiders in his home, there were only about a hundred but since then, the number has quadrupled. The video was creepy but the irony of it all is the spiders chose to infest the home of a pest controller.

It is rare to see so many spiders that look like mini tarantulas. People can hardly believe that they are looking at spiders in the UK. People are scared although the spiders are not aggressive. According to Grant, the tube web spiders prefer to be outside but they do not tend to move from there are they are. It is rare to find a significant number of spiders but Grant is not afraid.

Grant is not afraid of spiders because they do not actually hurt humans; however, their bite is as painful as a wasp sting. Spiders are afraid of people that is why you do not see them often. Their fangs glow green and their eyes shine like bits of diamonds. Spiders are nature’s best pest controllers because they feed on common pests inside the home. Their venom contains two neurotoxins and one insecticide. However, even if spiders consume pests, they themselves can cause problems in a home.

Spraying insecticide in the home is not enough to get rid of spiders. Your best option is pest control in Sydney that understands spider control and prevents re-infestation. Pest control programs are provided according to customer requirements with regular facility servicing.  Reliable and safe method of pest control is proven to eliminate spiders in the home.