in Logistics - 05 Sep, 2021
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Step By Step Process Of LTL Freight Shipping

Navigating cross-border shipping between the US and Canada can be relatively straightforward by choosing a trucking company that will help ship the products. For decades, freight shipping has been vital to commerce. However, businesses need unique solutions to send freight in a non-traditional and expedited manner.

A lot of businesses were able to save money and serve their customers better through full truckload and less-than-truckload shipping options. LTL freight shipping means multiple lots of freight owned by different businesses are shipped using one truck. The freight lots usually weigh between 150 and 10,000 pounds.

When packed in pallets, these irregular freight lots allow small businesses to ship their freight where it is needed at the same speed as freight lots shipped in trucks. LTL freight shipping has become a popular shipping option over the last decade particularly for businesses engaged in cross-border trade between the US and Canada.  Meanwhile, lots that are less than 150 pounds are handled by parcel carriers like USPS and FedEx while lots that are more than 15,000 pounds use dedicated freight shippers.

LTL carriers usually use hub and spoke arrangements which means that freight is delivered by the customer and then palletized at the carrier’s spoke terminal. The freight is then packed in a standard trailer and sent to central hub for consolidation and shifting before the pallet is delivered to its destination.

The process of LTL shipping takes longer than full truckload shipping because freight has to be moved between trucks and different hub stations. Freight must also be packed more carefully to avoid damages. Spoke terminals have local drivers who will handle load-ups and pick-ups during their regular routes. Pick-up usually happens in the morning. Freight is then sorted for long range delivery. Deliveries are often made in late afternoon to clients that they regularly serve.

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