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Supply Teacher In Moncton Helped Low Income Families By Tutoring

What Kids Need Moncton, a non-profit organization founded by Amanda Pooley, aim to help teachers who are unemployed and children who are in the low income bracket.

Pooley reveals that this plan was thought of long ago but further motivated after teaching cuts. She aims to tutor to families in Greater Moncton who are receiving low income at a discounted rate. She expresses her concern for students who are failing and fears it will just continue to happen if without interference.

Pooley shared that math is the area where they are facing the most challenges because the most abundant program is for reading and not much for math. This is the very reason she launched her tutoring program – in order to help the less fortunate families such as the Jones.

Tara Jones, the mother of MacKenzie Jones which is an 8-year old student, shared how the extra help provided by the school are not helping her daughter as she continues to struggle with math. Tara originally asked the school for the extra help and they answered that they are going to try and then informed her that she is indeed receiving extra help.

Tara recognizes the need for a private tutor to support Mackenzie but know that she won’t be able to pay for a private one. Since the cost of a private tutor in there are ranges from $25 to $50 per hour which is not something she can afford with their income.

Pooley said that the Jones family is not a single case. She hears parents confide how their child needs extra help but they can’t afford to get one. The students continue to struggle and fail. Pooley expresses her fear even more after 250 teachers were unemployed following a provincial budget cut.

It was then that she got the idea to gather the unemployed teachers and get them to tutor the kids who can’t afford the private ones. Pooley planned to arrange a tutoring schedule wherein every parent will only have to pay $5 while the teachers will receive $20 every hour from the group. This will mean each teacher will assist four students at the same time.

Though Pooley recognizes the amount the teachers will be getting is smaller compared to a full-time job, she hopes they take it as additional experience and a way to give back to the community.