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Sydney Residents Fight Back Through Lights

In the last several weeks, one can witness the nightly spectacle that is being displayed at the public housing estate located in Waterloo. The twin towers are gradually spreading colorful lights every night. They are not using the LED strip lighting as a decoration but to send a message.

The entire estate is overshadowed by the towering twin buildings known as Matavai and Turanga, both at a height of 30-storey. Every day, when the clock strikes 5:30 in the evening, locals and passers-by are able to witness the lights coming from the windows that resemble fairy light. Each day, new windows are lighting up along with the others. There are different colours to see such as yellow, blue, magenta. Others have various colors courtesy of a colour wheel while some are flashing or strobe lights.

Seeing the big picture from the skyline of Sydney, the effect can be quite beautiful. It is an initiative called We Live Here which is an art project that wanted to send a message. Residents have been proved with LED strip lighting, 5 metres in length, and they install these lights to their own windows if they are willing to join the project. The colour of the LED lights can be changed depending on the mood or preference of the homeowners with a simple click of the provided remote control.

The goal of the project is to send a message to the outside world that the buildings are occupied with real people and it is the responsibility of the government of New South Wales to protect those who live in them.

According to one of the residents of Matavai from 2010 up to present, Catherine Skipper, these buildings are home to the people who dwell in them thus they should not be treated simply as real estate properties.

The towers were originally constructed back in the 70s in order to house those who are 65 years old and above. Many of them have been dwelling there for several decades. The sad news is that Sydney’s renovation projects include the revitalization of the estate spanning 19 hectares. The project will cost $550 million and they are planning to demolition the current buildings and create new ones. This decision is the reason why LED strip lighting is being utilized by the residents to call the attention of the government and to ensure the future of those who will be affected.