in Lifestyle - 05 Apr, 2017
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Take A Break From All The Stresses Of Life

Taking a tour of Bangkok could really be tiring and very exhausting. After coursing all the beautiful and majestic temples and tourist spots you would not help but feel drained. Shopping in Bangkok’s famous shopping centres gives you the “spur of the moment” energy to bargain on each and every item you buy and by the end of the day you feel dead tired and crippled for walking around long hours without you even noticing it. Or maybe you just came out of the office from working overtime just to finish a presentation for a client overseas. Whatever you are going through, whatever stress you have been in, however life is treating you? If you just want to break free from all those, here is a short list to loosen up those tight muscles and just take it easy on yourself.

  1. Walk along the beach. Feel the warm sand on your feet and the cool water that touches your skin will uplift your spirits and lighten your mood.
  2. Go to the cinema. Watch the latest movie that you have been waiting and enjoy a bucket of favourite flavoured popcorn and diet soda.
  3. Work out those muscles. This increases muscle flexibility and strength and reduces the risk of any coronary problems while boosting your happy hormones.
  4. Reward yourself with a new shirt, a new bag or even a new watch. Buying a new item every month can serve as motivation for you to work harder. It also gives you the excitement of anticipating what you will be buying next. This “retail therapy” has been verified to release a raised amount of dopamine that can relieve anxiety and stress.
  5. Reunite with loved ones. Everybody has been very busy with work. When was the last time you have visited your hometown? Being with the ones you love invites positive vibes and gives you the calmness that you always wanted.
  6. Eat to your satisfaction. The feeling you get when you have eaten a hearty meal is like heaven on Earth. A 24 hour restaurant in Bangkok will cater to all your palate’s needs. A satisfaction that will let you forget all the physical and mental pressures we have been through.