in News - 23 Jan, 2017
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Termites Are ‘Silent Eaters” That Devalue Property Prices According To Architect Body

They are silent eaters which usually get undetected.

An expensive problem

According to Robert Caulfield, who is an architect and the director of Archicentre, termites can become a very expensive problem for the homeowners.

Caufield mentioned that the Archicentre termite architects and inspectors give reports that those houses which have hazardous structural damages are often due to termites.

He added the people only know that they have problems if a vacuum head hits a skirting board, crumbling it to dust.

Early detection and prevention of termites

Being extra vigilant helps with earlier detection.

The signs from a termite damage involve tiny piles of wings seen on floors, counter tops or window sills; swarms of the flying termites; little piles of wood shavings or residue, as well as small wood holes, sagging doors or crumbling walls; bubbled or cracked paint, or visible mud tubes in concrete.

Caufield added that even if it may be hard to prevent these termite attacks, early detection can minimize a damage bill, with the average repair and treatment costs near $10,000.

He mentioned that homeowners can end up with this problem simply by leaving out a welcome mat, as an example, since this lets termites thrive in a damp sub-floor environments.

During winter, these can also result to termites: piling firewood near a timber wall or under a home, letting mud build up from the garden beds, or making use of sleepers for landscaping.

Bringing professional help

The Daily Telegraph listed these tips for bringing in help from professionals to manage termite problems.

• It is helpful to obtain termite inspection and report from professionals. The report should include: details from the findings, areas inspected, inaccessible areas, high-risk areas and the project costs from the damage.
• When the problem is already detected, ask for advice from termite control experts for the best thing to do.
• The house must be regularly sprayed for pests.
• Ask the council to determine if the suburb is declared an infested area for termites.
• Always check experience and license of experts from a Termite Management in Sydney or in other parts of Australia.