in Business - 25 Apr, 2019
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Tesla To Shut Down Most Stores

Tesla’s Brisbane store tends to stick out from all the shop signage in Brisbane, thanks to the international brand’s popularity. However, that shop sign will soon go away, as the e-vehicle company announced that it’ll be closing most of its brick and mortar stores over a few months, not just across Australia, but the world.

Preceding that announcement was the reveal of the company’s long-awaited newest model, the Model 3, to be sold at US$35,000. According to the company, part of the reason its closing most of its physical stores is to be able to handle selling the Model 3 at that particular price.

According to a company blog post, Tesla’s stores will disappear from shop signage in Brisbane and across the world in order to maintain financial stability, with sales to go entirely online. Currently, they say, customers in North America can buy a Tesla from their phone in a minute, and they’re looking to expand that to a global scale, plus making it easier to test drive Teslas. A car can now be returned within 7 days or 1,000, and customers can get a full refund, effectively allowing people to buy it for a weekend or so then return with full compensation. Boldly, the company blog post noted, that with the Model 3’s consumer satisfaction score, the company is confident they’ll be few refunds.

Musk noted, however, that not all stores will be shutting down, with a few in high-traffic locations to stick around as galleries, showcases, and information centres for the company.

The company hasn’t confirmed how many people would be axed due to these changes, but Musk has gone on record to say that there will be some reductions.

The Tesla stores are famous due to their quality customer service, test drive options, servicing and expert advice, as well as the Superchargers that let drivers top up their Teslas on the go.

The company has stated that they’ll be upping their investment on servicing, with the aim of improving the Tesla service system to same-day service, if not same-hour, with most service to be brought to the customer’s doorstep, instead of the customer having to travel. Additionally, the company says that they’ll be working to guarantee service availability in every country that they operate in.