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The 4 Things The Best Weight Loss Diets Have In Common

There are many conflicting and overwhelming information regarding losing weight. However, one expert mentioned that the best weight loss diets have several things in common.

Four common things with the best diets

Christopher Gardner, Ph.D., a nutrition scientist and a research professor at the Stanford School of Medicine, talked about the best weight loss diets during the Scientific Sessions yearly meeting of the American Heart Association. Per Yahoo, Gardner mentioned during the talk that doctors, dietitians and scientists must give a lot of thought regarding which diet is the most suitable for every person, since no single diet is great for all.

Gardner mentioned that although there are numerous options, the best diets have several things in common: They motivate people to eat many vegetables, stay away from added sugars and minimize refined grains.

Karen Ansel, R.D.N., the author of “Healthy in a Hurry: Simple, Wholesome Recipes for Every Meal of the Day,” informed SELF that watching portion size is also a huge and necessary factor.

All of these elements are beneficial for various reasons.

Lisa Moskovitz, R.D., the NY Nutrition Group’s CEO, informed SELF that a plant based diet provides fiber and balances calories.

Beth Warren, R.D.N., the Beth Warren Nutrition’s founder and also author of “Living a Real Life With Real Food,” said that it is good thing to have veggies mandatory during meals.

Added sugars, those added to food during processing, can destroy a person’s health. Jessica Cording, an R.D. from New York, mentioned that it is a good thing to check labels in order to check if there’s sugar or other sweeteners added.

Another way is to reduce intake of added sugar through replacement with healthier options, according to Moskovitz. Additionally, fiber and lean protein naturally minimize sugar cravings.

Refined grains also affect a person’s weight loss efforts. The best way to minimize them is to pick the minimally processed ones.

Finally, watching portion sizes also ensure that body is properly fueled without overeating and taking a lot of calories accidentally.


With these four factors, it will be easier to lose weight. In case of failed attempts in doing so, there is always an HCG supplement that helps with losing weight safely.