in Hotel - 31 Jan, 2018
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The Evolution Of A Neigborhood In Bangkok

Thonglor is known to local as hi-so which is a short term for high society. It is considered as the Lower East Side version of Bankgok and this is where majority of Thai celebrities are living along with VIPs, sophisticated expats and Japanese businessmen. The district has now evolved to a new level with upmarket dining and drinking as well as the nightlife. This district is Instagram worthy and the main reason why many food and drinks establishment have opened up starting in 2016. The main drag of the area is SukhumvitSoi 55. Despite the number of private dining in Sukhumvit, the area is visited because of its side streets with varying food options including ramen, cafes and sushi.

Last year, a 1950s house was used to open a CrossFit facility. The Thonglor area is not crowded with backpackers and tourists because of its geographical location. It is quite far from the Grand Palace which would take 45 to 90 minutes when riding a taxi. It used to be a tourist magnet for the internationally known street food found in Soi 38 but in 2016 all of these vendors were ordered to clear out for a condo to be constructed. This is why Thonglor has transformed into a space discovered only by locals who know the secret it has as well as tourists who are not afraid to wander around.

Start your exploration of Thong Lor with The Commons which is accessible via the BTS Skytrain. The first level is dedicated to an urban market located indoor while the remaining floors offer choices of boutiques, dessert cafes and brunch restaurants. It is the best place to take selfies to post on social media. This is where Maze, another mall, is located. It is not lacking in the nightlife department because there is the 72 Courtyard, a community mall, where various clubs are located including Beer Belly, Evil Man Blues and Beam.

If you wanted to try something new aside from private dining in Sukhumvit, check out the restaurants in Thonglor called Khua Kling & Pak Sod and Baan Ice for a new experience of rare ingredients from the south of Thailand.