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The First Suzuki Bike

Many people love to ride on motorbikes. The thrill that it gives the rider adds to the excitement that makes riding more adventurous. When you are on your motorbike, you can feel all the air that you can get and appreciate the beauty of nature especially when you are riding in the countryside where pollution is absent. This is for the ordinary bikers, though. However, this also goes with racing enthusiasts who love nature.

Suzuki is one of the oldest and most popular brands of motorcycle in the world. Everyone has his own brand preferences and when it comes to motorbikes, Suzuki Bike comes out in the top 10 list as one of the most preferred and sought-after brands of motorcycle. Speed and performance are the first qualities one must consider when purchasing a motorbike. Suzuki is one brand that possesses the most advanced racing technology. Those who want their adrenal in rushing and are going crazy for high performance and speed, Suzuki is one of those that dominate the motorbike industry from then and until today.

As early as 1909, Suzuki had its doors opened in Japan. However, it was only in 1952 that the company started the manufacturing of motorcycles. The “Power Free” was the first Suzuki motorized bicycle that was made which was affordable to consumers and convenient to maintain. It had a 36cc engine, two-stroke being attached to a traditional bicycle. It had a unique design which allows the user to pedal either without the assistance of the engine, with the assistance of the engine, or move on its own engine power. After ten years, Suzuki joined the motorcycling sports. Until today, the Suzuki Bike is one of the most popular and strong brands in the motorcycling race.

As the years passed by, Suzuki has developed a wide variety of models for its riding public. There are Sport bike, Touring, Cruiser, Standard, Dual Sport, Adventure, Motocross, Supermoto, and Offroad types of Suzuki Bike which suit your type of personality and activities that you are commonly engaged in. You just have to pick your choice on what type of motorbike can best give you the satisfaction that you need.