in Lifestyle - 11 Aug, 2015
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The Five Basic Things You Should Know Regarding Free Boilers

Boilers and boiler repair services have been in demand these days especially in cold regions. Because of the high demand, governments have been offering some free boiler scheme. Thousand of boilers have been installed among homes and are completely free of charge all over the United Kingdom and has so far proven to be a very huge success. Since this scheme is subsidized by a grant, it is granted that there is only a limited pot of money that is physically available. There are also several alterations to the criteria during its implementation.

Here are some of the more important things that you need to be aware of before applying for a government free boiler grant this year:

1. Be aware that funding is limited. If you are applying for a free boiler in order to replace the old boiler that you have, it is important that you take actions fast. These grants are available for sometime only and when the money has ran out, then you don’t get any grant. Even though it is still summer time, you are encouraged to apply.

2. You can replace condensing boilers free of any charges. Before, replacing condensing boilers was not part of the allowable criteria in the free boiler scheme of the government. The criteria have now changed in that you can have your condensing boiler replaced as long as it is already broken beyond repair and it can be replaced via grant.

3. Go ahead and claim a free boiler if you have a universal credit. You can now qualify for a grant that will replace your old boiler if you have a universal credit with you.

4. The income limit has been raised to 16,010 pounds from the previous 15,860 pounds. This new criteria means that if you received benefits and your income is below the mentioned incomes, you can now qualify for a grant and replace your boiler.

5. This is a free boiler scheme and not a scam. The free boiler scheme by the government has been associated with scams since there are many who take advantage of the scheme. A lot of scammers and cold-callers are now posing as government people and luring people into investing in this scheme. You should be very careful.