in Company - 29 Jan, 2018
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The Growing Demand For Reclaimed Wood Result To Dwindling Supply

The home and business environment can be transformed by using luxury wood wall tiles that breathes individuality and class. Each piece of tile is crafted from premium century reclaimed wood in Brisbane for sustainability. The tiles are fully tested for quality, certified and easy to install.

People who are into woodworking are aware of the benefits that can be gained from reclaimed wood that is now enjoying a meteoric rise. The market demand for reclaimed wood is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Technically, most types of wood can be used for reclaimed wood projects; however, the length of appropriate exposure will depend on the kind of wood used. Hard and dense woods can withstand longer and rougher periods of exposure making them more suitable for reclaimed wood projects. Softer woods like pine can be used but exposure must not be so intense.

The age of wood has an effect to its structural integrity. Most of woods available today are harvested from special farms where trees are grown for specific purposes. Unfortunately, trees are not allowed to reach maturity before they are harvested in commercial tree farms. Wood is not very strong and cannot be used as large pieces of lumber.

The reason behind the popularity of reclaimed wood is aesthetics. Reclaimed wood has a distinctive appearance that looks untreated and weather-beaten. Reclaimed wood is now being widely used for furniture, lumber wood wall tiles, home construction and many other purposes.

The sources of reclaimed include specialty markets or individuals who are diligent enough to obtain the wood product. Because of the growing popularity of reclaimed wood, rustic furniture is becoming a trend. It has also created a sub-market that is focused on selling reclaimed wood. However, since demand is greater than supply, the prices of reclaimed wood have gone up.

According to woodworkers, reclaimed wood in Brisbane is structurally sound and can handle the process of disassembly. Reclaimed wood has a character that cannot be duplicated no matter the stressing and antiquing done on new wood. Meanwhile, it is important to buy reclaimed wood from trustworthy dealers like old barns and property owners who have reclaimed wood by hand.