in Business - 13 Mar, 2020
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The Importance Of Managing And Responding To Customer Reviews

Many people rely on the internet when they search for a job. Review sites are important sources of information regarding potential employers. Most candidates want to know the inside story about work environment, culture, salaries and incentives. An example is King Kong agency reviews that can help job seekers make a confident decision.

Meanwhile, 95% of consumers read reviews online before visiting a business with 85% trusting the reviews the same way that they trust the personal recommendations of family and friends. Since an average consumer reads at least 7 reviews before making a purchasing decision, businesses must respond to and manage their online reviews. Managing and responding to reviews must be an integral part of the business’ marketing program.

If you will take a look at Google My Business support page, you will find evidence on the importance of managing and responding to customer reviews. According to Google, businesses can interact with customers by responding to their reviews. It shows the customers that the business values the feedback they leave. When positive reviews from customers have high quality, it improves the business’ visibility and encourages potential customers to visit the website.

Businesses that respond to online reviews that appear on Google usually gain the trust of consumers. It shows that the business values the feelings of the customer. It only takes a bit of time during a busy day to address the concern and provide positive support. Responding to reviews whether positive or negative demonstrates a strong commitment in delivering excellent customer service.

A lot of money and time is invested to attract customers and spending a little bit more time to respond to reviews closes a deal. At least 34% of customers that received a response to their negative review deleted their original post while 33% posted a positive review.

Company response to King Kong agency reviews is very subtle and well thought out. It shows the professionalism of the company in promptly responding to reviews. It says Thank you for the glowing reviews and turns negative experiences to positive ones. Responses are short but specific and highly effective to encourage job seekers to try the company.