in Tips - 02 Apr, 2021
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The Importance Of User Experience In Website Development

Most website developers prefer to focus on writing good quality code and creating features that they often overlook the usability of the product and user experience. They tend to assume that if users are provided with relevant information about the product, they would have an edge over the competitors. Nowadays, you won’t stand out from the competitors without UX.

User experience design is the process of enhancing the user’s satisfaction over a product by improving usability, accessibility and the pleasure that is provided through the interaction with the product. In order to ensure user satisfaction, UX design must empathize. It is important to understand the needs of consumers and how they are currently achieving their goals. Users have pain points or moments where they need to struggle to achieve their goals.

The most impactful areas must be prioritized to make sure that the solution will target and solve the most urgent problem first. You have to come up with ideas that will solve the problem and prepare early visualizations of the solution. Some ideas can be pretty basic but there are solutions that are way ahead of the time. This is the part where brainstorming is important to create cool solutions.

After a prototype of the solution is created, it must be tested through the potential users. Feedback must be gathered to determine how well the solution works to solve the user’s problems. The feedback received must be validated before making changes to the prototype.

The process is very similar if you want to introduce UX to an existing product or if you are planning to create something new. You can reach out to the WordPress community to kick-start the process. Be prepared with a survey to gather their feedback. You can also reach out to the current users of the product and ask for their feedback. Checkout the competition and learn from them.

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