in Business - 20 May, 2015
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The New Law That Will Rock The World Of Psychics And Mediums

Can you really rely on phone psychic readings? If you ask those involved in this industry, they would say yes. And if you ask other people, they will give you a skeptic look. They psychic industry though quite accepted in society, has not really fully been established as a very legitimate practice. Law regulators are questioning the legitimacy of phone psychic readings, online psychic readings and readings done in person. In the United Kingdom, there is an impending debate on this issue. And if the skeptics will prevail, a new law will be established that will strictly monitor the works of psychics, spiritualists and mediums.

Several psychics, spiritualists and mediums are protesting against this new regulation in the United Kingdom. They argue that their nature of work makes it difficult for them to prove their claims or readings. Politicians seem not to budge on their request to cancel the law. The law makers deem the new law necessary to protect the growing number of people seeking the help of psychics and other spiritualists.

If there are many who are embracing the guidance of psychics, healers, mediums and spiritualist, psychologist Richard Wiseman has been left unconvinced after 15 years of studying these realm. According to this professor, there are anecdotal evidences on the psychic’s abilities and are quite impressive. However, if you place their claims under scientific conditions, their readings and intuitive claims begin to crumble. It is in this light that they need to justify the claims that they are telling their clients.

Though the practice of readings from psychics has remained to be questionable, there are still a lot of common people who will continue to seek their guidance. These people come from different backgrounds and each one has his life story to tell.

The authorities at the Office of Fair Trading explained to the public that the enforcement of the new law will not target sessions held at churches. Instead, the law will be enforced upon foreign mass fraudsters who are extracting large amount of money from their victims. Despite this positive note to the new law, the medium community is still not convinced that enforcing the new regulation will be good for everyone.