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The Not-So-Popular Canary Island, La Gomera

There are places wherein no photos or words can describe the beauty and one of them is La Gomera. To those who have been to this small volcanic island, it is worth to rent apartments on La Gomera just to be able to enjoy the place for at least a few days. The island is not as popular as the other Canary Islands but it boasts of dramatic sceneries that can even rival the Jurassic Park in the movie.

The northern part of the island is where green slopes meet down to the winding valleys complete with farmhouses, vineyards and villages. The southern part is where rock towers are found with giant cacti and beaches with their black sand. It resembles the wild wet of America combined with Austrian Tyrol.

La Gomera is accessible by ferry from Tenerife and the ride only takes 50 minutes but as soon as you arrive in the island you will be amazed at how far apart the islands are. Fred Olsen is the operator responsible for transport between these islands which only cost $34 for one way ticket.

Travelers who were able to reach La Gomera are only coming for a day trip as most of them are staying in Tenerife. According to the tourist board, the total number of visitors in 2016 was only 740,000 which are higher compared to 2014 when there are only 500,000 arrivals. Of the total number of visitors, only 50 per cent came to stay overnight.

All throughout the year, the temperature in the island is pleasant which ranges between 18C during winter and 24C during the summer season. This is the reason why people looking to enjoy the winter sun goes to La Gomera for a break.

Do not expect to see high-rise hotels in the island but you can rent apartments on La Gomera. It is also not as crowded with tourists compared to other more popular Canary Islands. It is attractive to hikers and culture seekers because it offers footpath spanning 375 miles while the local traditions are well guarded and maintained.