in Education - 29 Jul, 2019
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The Nurturing And Emphatic Qualities Of Women Considered Ideal For Preschool Sector

Early childhood education is offered by Star Bright Montessori to prepare toddlers for the future and provide them with a robust foundation for their overall development. When William Wordsworth wrote that “Child is the father of men” he meant that adults are outcomes of what is learned in childhood from their behaviors, conduct, manners and feelings.

Preschools play a very important role to enhance the self esteem of children and optimize their learning habits that will shape them as future leaders. The trend of quality early childhood education is fast catching up in India as well.

Based on industry estimates, the present preschool market in India is witnessing an exponential growth but only 10% of children receive the benefits of early education. India is a young country with 35 crore children within the 1 to 5-year old age group. This means that in the next decade, India would require about 10 lakh preschools to accommodate the growing number of children.

Many preschools are being opened by individuals and brands in metropolitan and tier 1 cities by buying franchises. However, there is a significant need to encourage women to open preschools particularly in small cities.

Women constitute about 48% of the total population in India but their participation in economic activities is only 25%. Women have a unique tendency to build and uphold long term relationships and preschool is the best industry for women who want to start a business. Women are also naturally empathic and nurturing and they can bring expertise and experience to enhance India’s education system.

At present the preschool industry in India is undergoing significant changes. The industry has become more organized with many leading brands realizing its potential. It is expected that the industry will witness massive growth and women entrepreneurs must be encouraged to lead the social change. However, they have to face the challenge of more branded preschools.

Children must receive education before kindergarten because their brains are developing during their early years. Preschool education is offered by Star Bright Montessori so that children can become familiar with certain activities that can effectively educate them and increase their self confidence and self reliance.