in Company - 17 Nov, 2018
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The Role Of Security Personnel In Counterterrorism Policies

Security is a major concern of residential and commercial properties in Australia. There are various options to enhance security from the installation of security screen doors for homes to the hiring of security personnel in commercial spaces. It is estimated that there are more than 120,000 licensed security guards in Australia but of course not all security personnel are or need to be licensed.

According to the latest ASPI report, the actual and potential capability of the private security industry is measured based on the context of Australia’s counterterrorism policies and plans. The private security sector plays a critical role in the prevention and response to serious incidents like terrorist attacks. Security personnel use their ears, eyes and hands before an attack occurs. They are usually the first to respond to security-related incidents.

In many instances, the very presence of security guards in an establishment is enough to deter criminals. They are in uniform making them easily recognizable. They have intimate knowledge of the activities that take place in a certain area. They are trained at various levels to minimize threats to people and property.

In terms of manpower numbers, the private guarding industry is more significant than the military or police. In Australia, private security guards are more than double the country’s combined police agencies and Australian Defense Force. While security personnel are expected to provide guarding services, they can also take action against terroristic activities.

However, the potential of security personnel is usually limited by lack of appropriate and consistent training, poor pay, lack of self-esteem and inconsistencies between jurisdictions. Jurisdictions often vary in how security guards must be licensed. Standardization of licensing has been recommended so that there will be a consistent approach to the regulation of private security sector. This will improve mobility in different jurisdictions.

In residential properties the first line of defence that acts as a barrier against unauthorized entry is the doors. Security providers suggest security screen doors that are made from marine-grade stainless steel. There is no question about the strength and durability of steel but surprisingly, it can also enhance visual aesthetics when designed to complement the home.