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The Tribal Rituals Of Creating Farm Tools And Weapons Through Blacksmithing 

Many products are still created through welding or forging steel. Blacksmiths used to be very popular when modern technology has not yet introduced new tools that made fabrication of metal parts a lot more efficient. Some examples of welding supplies in Brisbane that blacksmiths can use for their projects include blowers, anvils, Bee’s wax, Dog spikes and Horse shoes.

For the Bagobo-Tagabawa of Mt. Apo the forge or more popularly known as Gomanan is still used by blacksmiths to create farm tools and weapons. The Gomanan is very important to the culture and traditions of the Bagobo-Tagabawa tribe because they consider it as more than just a blacksmithing tool; it represents a way of life and cosmology that is unique to the people.

The forge is made of different parts that can be identified through their names in the native dialect. This only goes to show how the forge is a central part of the tribe’s life. When the tribe makes a bolo or a large single-edged knife, they make the metal more malleable through heat from burning embers. Poriyop or two logs and the ombac which consists of sticks with tufts of chicken feathers at its end are used to puff out air so that the embers will keep on burning.

A pagpag or mallet is used to flatten metal on the anvil while a hammer or bontok is used to give the metal knife its final shape. A file or what is locally called as the limbas is used to provide the large knife with sharpness and sheen. Aside from these important components of forging, there is also a gandongan that binds the tubes used to feed air into the fire. A karaonge serves as an exhaust. Women chant to ask for blessings from the Supreme Being while the man forges weapons and farm implements.

Blacksmithing is still a popular craft practiced by many people from hobbyists to blacksmiths. Those who still enjoy creating steel products by hand can opt for welding supplies in Brisbane that can make the task more efficient. There are cast steel anvils that lack the deafening ring of the forged variety.