in Tips - 25 Jun, 2017
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The Truth About All-Inclusive Holidays

Going on a vacation while trying to make sure you don’t go home broke takes a lot of control. You have to limit your shopping expenses especially in places where products are known to be more expensive compared locally. When visiting the islands of Chania and Crete in Greece, it is best to rent a car from car companies such as Flisvos in order to save money from commutes especially if you are going as a family.

According to a new research, all-inclusive holidays can be more expensive for families in the end compared to booking an accommodation with breakfast and dining out every day. About two-thirds of the families, under the all-inclusive package holiday, surveyed chose to have expensive items on the menu or some even chose to eat outside instead. Post Office Travel Money, the company that conducted the research, revealed that seven out of ten vacation spots were revealed to be cheaper for families who chose to book just accommodation with free breakfast instead of going for the all-in holiday package.

Mirror Online revealed that it is more expensive to avail of all-inclusive packages in popular destinations such as Portugal, Crete, Turkey and Spain. This is because families are paying additional for eating outside, buying branded drinks and cocktails.

If you want to save by getting an all-inclusive package then you might opt to visit Malta where you can stay for a week and still save £642 compared to the spots mentioned above.

In Sliema, the all-inclusive package is £2,554 which is 34 per cent more compared to just booking a bed and breakfast at £1,908.

Of the top ten summer spots in Europe, there are only three places where the all-inclusive package is cheaper and this includes Crete, Turkey and Majorca.

It is common for travelling families to try and limit their expenses while on the trip thus they opt for all-inclusive package and other money saving hacks such as renting a car from Flisvos while in Crete because it is cheaper then commuting as a group. Post Office Travel Money advised that families should have enough foreign cash with them in case they spend extras aside from what is included in the all-inclusive holiday package.