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Thief Thought Security Cameras Would Not Detect Him If He’s Covered With White Cloth

A burglar went to trial last Wednesday, after he bravely went to series of thefts having confidence that security cameras would not sense him if he put on a white cloth.

Mark Hokianga and his suspected partner in crime were caught on May. Police found a pad which contained outlines of his white sheet technique.

By the time he was captured, he has already broken into a total of 11 pubs and diners. More than $5500 and 2 cash registers were stolen by Hokianga.

The burgling spree started late afternoon of April 25. They broke into different establishments in Hawke’s Bay, Hastings, Napier and Waipukura, New Zealand.

Among the 11 establishments, they were able to put off security alarms of 7. Only three of the 11 attempts were successful. Despite the failed burglary, they left a total of $13,044.25 worth of damaged properties.

Cops pulled over their getaway vehicle at the dawn of May 15. They were caught in the borders of Hastings right after they broke into Farriers Arms Hotel.

Authorities came across the white cloth they used and a notepad containing a list of various bars in Hawke’s Bay. The list included the prospected cash boxes and the type of security method they believe the bars had. It was also written how they will use the white cloth, which they supposed would cover them from security devices.

Hokianga will be 26 next week; he admitted the 11 counts of theft and subjected himself for trial in Hastings District Court last Wednesday.

Richard Stone, Hokianga’s lawyer said to Judge Brudget Mackintosh that his client was regretful. He added that to be jailed would overwhelm Hokianga. He has never been to jail and he is in a traumatizing situation. It is a case where the jail will have a deterrent result.

The head lawyer Megan Mitchell stated that the thefts were planned and there was a major destruction to property.

Judge mackintosh acknowledged the offender’s regret. However, she said that the degree of the offense needed a sentence in jail. She penalized Hokianga two years and three months in prison.