in Maldives - 18 Mar, 2018
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Things You Do Not Know About Maldives

There are many exotic resorts that have an ambiance that is similar to Maldives but they do not have Maldives 5 star resorts that are literally built in the sea. Maldives is more of a high-end destination like Mauritius and Seychelles where there are unrivalled experiences for visitors. However, there is more to Maldives than being the playground for the rich.

There is always the tendency for people to view Maldives as the island where you will meet models and yacht owners. However, not everything in Maldives is expensive because there are resorts where you can stay for a more affordable price.

There are many high-end restaurants in Maldives but this kind of experience can be enjoyed in other cities. In Maldives, there are underwater restaurants that are at least 5 meters below water. Aside from underwater dining, there also spas that sits below the surface. You can experience a massage while enjoying the view of reefs and fishes.

Maldives is a popular destination of honeymooners but it does not mean that families cannot enjoy the white sandy beaches and azure waters. There are family holidays being offered by travel agencies with entertainment for children. Yes indeed, Maldives is a honeymooner’s paradise but the country also has the highest rates of divorce at 10.97 per 1,000 inhabitants per year.

Maldives is heavily reliant on the revenues generated from tourism but so do most countries. For example, Macau has its casinos to lure high rollers. Aside from the beaches, visitors can also have fun in Male, the capital city. One of the key avenues in Male is Majeedhee Magu that cuts across the island city’s one-mile width. It is not the Champ Elysees but it is the perfect option if you want to shop for bags, phones or watches.

If you want a range of unparalleled experiences, book now at Maldives 5 star resorts that offer different adventures. Sports and fitness enthusiasts can continue with their exercise regimen through Thai boxing classes, yoga, tennis and football. For honeymooners, you can sail away to a magical island and have a private picnic. You can stay overnight and sleep under the canopy of stars.