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Three Important Factors To Consider Before Hiring A 3PL Firm

Logistics is an important aspect of the supply chain management. While big business organizations can have their own logistics departments, most of the small and medium scale enterprises prefer to outsource logistics to third party logistics suppliers. Logistics does not only involve transportation of the materials and products form one point to another, there are a lot of aspects like warehousing, distribution, delivery, reverse logistics etc.

It is very important to choose an experience and reliable 3PL firm like www.tecdisnetwork.com, to take care of the logistics requirements of your company. The Tecdis network offers trusted end-to-end logistics services across Europe.

The presence of wide array of choices, makes the process of choosing the right logistics partner daunting. Here are some factors to consider before selecting a 3 PL company.


Each 3PL firm specializes in a certain product, region or mode of transport. Consider the expertise needed by your business before hiring a third party logistics company. The logistics company should match all the criterion and should have expertise in providing the services that match with your requirements.  Select companiestecdisnetwork, who have vast expertise in high tech logistics across different business sectors and has partners across Europe.


When it comes to logistics, reliability is an important factors. The 3PL Company should have all the systems in place to deliver the goods on the promised day and time. An experienced company like Tecdis network has contingency plans in place to take care of emergencies and untoward incidents and deliver the clients goods on promised time. Select a reputed and reliable 3 PL company like www.tecdisnetwork.com, which can anticipate the needs of the clients and customize solutions accordingly. The firm should have open communication channels with the client and work with the client to solve problems.


The technology is ever evolving and the 3PL companies should keep up with the advancements of technology. They should use the right technology in their warehousing, delivery and transport functions in order to provide reliable service to the clients. Most of the modern 3 PL companies like tecdisnetwork, use the latest technologies like modern and specialist transport systems, warehouse management and inventory control systems and load tracking systems to provide accurate and reliable services to the clients.