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Three Types Of Natural Stone Tiles And Their Properties

Natural stone tiles are available in a number of varieties. You can choose from a wide range of colours, textures, patterns and physical properties. While some stones are suitable for porches and pathways, others are suitable for indoors. Homeowners have to select the right stone tiles to suit the requirement.

Some of the popular natural stones tiles are granite, slate, natural stone marble tiles, limestone and Travertine. Each of these stones differ from each other in physical properties and have their own sets of pros and cons.


Granite is the most popular choice for many homeowners and interior designers. It suits all types of countertops whether in a modern bathroom or a trendy kitchen. The stone consists of many minerals like amphiboles, mica, quartz and feldspar, which give it a distinctive glossy and speckled appearance. Granite is a very hard stone and gets damaged if hit with hard objects. The stone needs regular sealing which helps to keep staining at bay. Unlike natural stone marble tiles, Granite tiles is easy to maintain and hence is used in many places like bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, dining tables etc.


Slate is slowly gaining popularity as the preferred natural stone for interior designers. The craggy and uneven surface texture of the slate stones makes them attractive. Natural slate tiles are durable and are preferred for roofing, wall cladding and flooring. Slate has waterproof qualities and is most suitable for wet and damp places like bathrooms, driveways and pool areas. Slate tiles are stain resistant and easy to maintain. These tiles are available in a variety of colours and textures.


Marble tiles are associated with elegance and luxury. Marble tiles are used in ancient buildings and monuments because of the beauty it lends to the structures. Designers use marble in versatile settings like walls, ornamental furnishings, flooring, countertops, vanities etc. The natural stone marble tiles are very porous and need regular sealing and special maintenance routine to keep them in good condition. Marble is naturally cool and heat resistant and hence it is most suitable for kitchens and fir places. Installation of marble tiles need specialist labour and is time consuming. But the marble tiles have an everlasting appeal and are always in trend. Using marble tiles enhances the aesthetics of the home and also increase its resale value.