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Tips In Eliminating Cockroaches

Sydney is known for the ever present roaches thus an expert weighed in on what should be done in order to keep them under control. One of the negative effects of the season of summer in Sydney is the inevitable rise of the number of cockroaches. It would not be bothersome to see one or two at a time but the problem is that they come in droves thus cockroach control in Sydney is often required to stop them from populating. Another bad news is that these roaches can fly.

There are different species of cockroaches found in Sydney such as the Australian cockroach, the American cockroach, the native species and the German cockroach. German cockroaches are species that love to stay in warm and humid space such as the kitchen or inside bathrooms. They can be found lurking inside cupboards and they nest under electrical appliances including fridges, microwaves and toasters. They feed on anything they can find but they prefer to eat starchy foods. The Australian roach, on the other hand, gathers when there are crumbs or leftover food.  They lurk in places near the garbage or food bowls for pet.

The first thing you should try as cockroach control in Sydney is to use baits, sprays and bombs. If you visit your local supermarket, you will be able to find a variety of cockroach killers for sale. There is gas bombs that should be set off inside and the room should be left for a few hours. There are also gel baits or surface sprays.

If you don’t like using insecticides, you can also try making the Vegas trap. Wet coffee grounds are needed in order to bait the roaches inside containers filled with water where they will drown. Another no-chemical approach is to use sticky baits or repellents that employ essential oils.

You can also make your own bait as cockroach control in Sydney and all you need are two ingredients – onion and boric acid. But this should be used with caution as boric acid is known to be harmful to humans as well as animals when consumed. If all else fail, the next step is to contact a professional to do the job.