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Tips In Preparing For Home Removals In Sydney

When moving to a new location, you need to entrust the transfer of your things to experts on home removals in Sydney. Although you can do your own preparation, there are some furniture which can be heavy. Some furniture requires expertise to dismantle and reassemble them without causing damage. To make the transfer and the overall proves faster, you can do the following minor yet important tasks.

Have the dismantling materials ready

When dismantling your furniture, you would need certain materials. Remember that removalists are paid by the hour so if they would help in dismantling all your furniture, even those that you can do on your own might take more hours than necessary requiring you to pay more. Prepare the materials that you would possibly need for dismantling such as screw drivers, cardboard boxes, packing tape or masking tape, old newspapers, trash bags and other supplies that you think would be needed.

Start dismantling the parts

Start from the furniture’s removable parts. If it won’t loosen up, ask for assistance or you can wait for the home removals in Sydney to do the task. Remove the parts that you can be easily removed such as the covers, drawers and legs. Empty the contents of the drawers. Dispose items that are no longer needed then keep the contents in a small box or plastic bag. Place the screws and tiny pieces in one plastic bag, separating each screws for different furniture then tape the plastic bag to the furniture to prevent them from getting mixed up.

Pack carefully the parts

After you have secured the small parts and screws, put the removable parts in box. You can also wrap the pieces in old newspaper before you put them in a cardboard box. You can use furniture pads or packing peanuts for items that may break or obtain scratches or dents. Before you call the team for home removals in Sydney, label every box and its contents. Tape the corners of the furniture with bubble wrap or cardboard with a masking tape or a packing tape.