in News - 24 Jan, 2017
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Tours In Tehran Gaining Popularity

Tehran is considered as the political capital of Iran as well as the financial center of the country but it has never been advertised as an ideal holiday destination.

Tehran holds tours but only during long holiday seasons including the Iranian New Year called Norouz which lasts for two weeks. The celebrations are usually done in the end of March and during the summer season.

Surprisingly, there is a new trend when it comes to the tourism industry. This is according to the head of Tourism Headquarters which is based in the municipality of Tehran.

Houshyar Parsian said that they are now taking some steps since the last few months in order to promote tours that are going on in Tehran. These steps include setting up information offices for tourism in various community centers that are located all over the city.

The official also revealed that the most famous tours availed by tourists are those that includes visits to the Old Tehran as well as the three famous towers that can be found in the city.

The tour of the Three Towers is also known to the locals as Tour-e She Borj includes a visit to three different towers namely Tughrul Tower Azadi Tower and Milad Tower.

The Milad Tower is located in West Tehran and is considered the tallest tower that can be found in the country as it stands 435 meters. It is the sixth tallest among all the free standing telecom towers that are located all over the globe. The site construction started back in 2000 and it was finished by 2007. The tower’s inauguration was held only last year.

The multipurpose tower has 12 floors and comprise of an observation deck, a sky dome, control sections for radio, television and traffic as well as a revolving restaurant.

There are officials that think Milad Tower should be the representation of Tehran but oppositions think that Azadi Tower should be the icon of the city. Azadi is a Persian word for liberty and it was constructed in 1971. The architecture of the tower has major Iranian influence thus it is considered the icon. These tours, just like the South America Tours, highlight the history and present of the cities which makes it all more interesting for visiting tourists.