in Food - 07 Jan, 2018
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Trends To Expect In Dining For 2018

The big names in the food industry has come together to share what they think will be the dining trends to expect in 2018. In a blink of an eye, the year 2017 has come and gone and we have seen a lot from the previous years in terms of dining trends. It is not surprising to know that new trends have sprouted such as organic cuisines in Chiang Mai and vegetable is taking a bigger role for next year. Here are the trends we should expect, according to Michelin awarded chefs and master sommeliers.

According to the host of Top Chef and the founder of Crafted Hospitality, Tom Colicchio, 2018 is the year when Instagram will take a step back as people connect more through food and discuss about pressing issues and the role of food in all of it.

Danny Meyer, the founder as well as CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, said that next year dining out will win over home delivery. More people will come to the realization that it is better to eat out rather than to stay at home and wait for food to be delivered. The quality of the food is directly impacted by how close the kitchen is to the diner. Visiting restaurants also provide many experiences such as strengthening relationships, sighting people and trying new wines.

Osteria Francescana, a restaurant in Modena, Italy, is owned by Massimo Bottura. The chef said that grandmothers’ recipes will make a comeback in 2018. Old cooking will once more be utilized for a new perspective and hunting for ingredients will be more resourceful than before.

Daniel Humm, who co-owns The NoMad as well as he Eleven Madison Park, shared that simplicity will be greeted back in the dining industry as diners are trying to highlight more important matters such as having pure, familiar and focused foods.

The owner of Alta Calidad, Choza Taqueria and Fero, Akhtar Nawab said that macrodiets will continue until 2018. This is an example of trend focused on health much like organic cuisines in Chiang Mai which is getting more popularity among locals and tourists.