in News - 07 Apr, 2017
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Two Countries: One Destination, A Campaign Partnership Between Thailand And Myanmar

Travelers from all over the globe will have a new opportunity to experience following the new campaign launched between the countries of Thailand and Myanmar. The aim of the campaign is to attract travelers to visit the two countries in the coming holidays.

It is common to see before tourists booking packages that combine Thailand with either a trip to Cambodia or Laos. The goal of the Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT is to receive more repeat tourists coming to the country to enjoy shopping and visiting beaches on Thailand while have the chance to experience the culture as well as adventure that Myanmar has to offer. Because of this, Thailand formed a partnership with Myanmar by creating the newly launched campaign called Two countries: One destination.

The two countries are known to share a borderline that spans 1,800 kilometers. They also have three border posts that are considered official between the nations – Kaw Thaung, Myawaddy and Tachileik – which can be used by visitors to enter Thailand and exit through Myanmar as long as they have the necessary e-Visa to get into Myanmar legally. E-Visas or electronic visas are issued to those who are planning to cross any of the three borders that are in between the two countries but it is only valid for a single trip.

According to the Vice Chairman of Marketing for Myanmar Tourism Federation, May Myat Mon Win, there are currently more than 25 flights that are operating between the two nations. The connections are from Bangkok and Chiang Mai going to places such as Mandalya, Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon. She added that Myanmar is not receiving many tourists during the green season because most of them are looking for beaches to stay in while there are none recommended sunny seaside in the country during those times. In cooperation with Thailand, they are hoping that the MoU will help them in attracting more tourists during the green season to come visit the country after their trip where they can enjoy beach villa in Thailand and other islands.