in Lifestyle - 14 Apr, 2017
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Tyre Inspection Prior To Road Trip

The holiday season calls for long distance trips thus it is important to ensure tire safety in order to have an enjoyable and safe travel.

In a statement from Arrive Alive, one of the major factors that cause thousands of road accidents annually is attributed to failure of the driver to ensure tyre safety before the trip.

In a study conducted by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research or CSIR, it has been found out that almost 20 per cent of minibuses accidents are due to the tyre failure among other contributing factors.

It does not matter if you have the top performing brakes, if your tyres are already worn then there is a risk of accident.

The director of Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa or REDISA, Stacey Davidson, shared that there a number of small routines which drivers should practice daily in order to ensure their safety while on the road. One of these is to always check the tyres if there are any indications of bulges, cuts and punctures. Care should also be practiced when travelling in the holiday seasons because the traffic volume is much higher, there is a lot of congestion, people are more tired than usual and there are drivers who are not local to the roads they are travelling in.

This Easter, Davidson advised motorists to practice proper driving and maintenance of tyres. With good tyres, the car will be able to stop and start smoothly as well as manoeuvre in any way if needed. Here are some tips that should be kept in mind before every road trip.

  • Tyre pressure should be checked before leaving for a long journey. Every vehicle has a different pressure setting. You can check yours in your manual.
  • Immediately replace the side wall of the tyres if there is any sign if damage.
  • Your car will consume more fuel than usual if the tyres are under inflated thus pressure check is important.
  • Pressure on both tyres should be equal and precise. If tyres require replacement, purchase from authorized dealer of tyres in Brisbane.